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No other place in the nation has higher risk to assets than Miami, Florida, and Florida ranks very high among states that are least prepared for climate change impacts. The gravest climate change impact and threat to Miami is from sea level rise. Rising sea levels are creating challenges for both natural and human communities, and will impact the lowest elevation communities first. Understanding the causes, effects, and responses to sea level rise requires an interdisciplinary approach to short- and long-term strategies for mitigating the causes and effects of sea level rise. A holistic, system-oriented approach is posed that provides design and analysis toward decision-support for how we can adapt and even mitigate sea level rise now and into the future.

The Sea Level Solutions Center, in partnership with FIU by Design and faculty from Colleges of Architecture and the Arts, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, and College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, is convening its second year of the Interdisciplinary Sea Level Solutions Research and Design Studio. This studio will provide the basis for an interdisciplinary framework for developing and conducting design and analyses for the natural-built environment under scenarios of future sea level rise and storm surge.

Faculty from multiple FIU colleges are among instructors who will provide lectures, training and analytical tools. Lectures from other leading scholars will be provided by webcast. The studio is scheduled to include a scoping charrette that engages stakeholders from the outset to guide the vision of the studio products. The course will culminate in delivery of several products that enable decision-support for an “optimized solution”, with information, data and analyses for each solution. The course is open to Honors College undergraduate students with instructor consent and graduate students from any discipline. Please contact Dr. Tiffany Troxler ( with any questions about the course.

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