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The Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) hosted their 38th annual meeting this month at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan. This year’s meeting, Celebrating Wetland Diversity Across the Landscape: Mountains to Mangroves, focused on the interdisciplinary nature of wetland science and the significance of wetland preservation, protection, and restoration.

FIU’s leading research in wetland sciences was highlighted and showcased at the event.

Over two dozen FIU students and faculty attended and presented at the 2017 annual meeting. Presenters included graduate students from Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) and CREST Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CAChE), FIU postdocs and alumni, and faculty from the Institute of Water and Environment (InWE) and the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC).

Dr. Ariel Lugo at SWS Additionally, Dr. Rita Teutonico, Associate Director of CREST CAChE and Associate Dean of Research for FIU CASE, was invited to organize a symposium about the human impacts on coastal wetlands in the Caribbean. The event included several FIU speakers, like InWE Director Dr. Todd Crowl and FIU’s Marine Science Program Director Dr. Joel Trexler, as well as a number of collaborators, including Dr. Ariel Lugo, Director of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry – USDA Forest Service, and Dr. Stephen Davis from the Everglades Foundation.

Dr. Teutonico’s symposium brought together a prominent group of scientists, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss the impacts that humans have on coastal wetlands in the Caribbean. They covered everything from sea level rise to Everglades restoration to mangrove expansion in Texas.

Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC), Dr. Tiffany Troxler, also spoke at this year’s meeting.

Dr. Teutonico’s symposium plus the impressive number of FIU students and faculty invited to present at the event, speak to the University’s leadership and prestige in wetland sciences research.

FIU and InWE have been conducting wetland sciences and mangrove research projects for a few decades now, focusing on pioneering innovative and actionable research in the Everglades, greater South Florida, and internationally. Click here to learn more about InWE’s water and environment research.

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