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The Lost Bird Project is part natural history part artist’s diary, documenting the extraordinary effort to place a series of public memorials for birds driven to extinction in modern times. The internationally recognized artist, Todd McGrain, created bronze sculptures of several of these extinct bird species and placed them in their last known location. The exhibit is now located at The Kampong, Coconut Grove, FL until July 2018 as a satellite Art Basel exhibit. You can experience these breath-taking sculptures by booking a self-guided tour, held Wednesdays through Saturdays.

We are on the verge on having another bird become a sculpture by Todd McGrain, the Florida Grasshopper SparrowThe Florida grasshopper sparrow is the most endangered bird in North America. The Tropical Conservation Institute (TCI), a collaboration between FIU and Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (RSCF), is leading a high-impact sparrow program aimed at preventing the extinction of the Florida grasshopper sparrow, and avoiding the grim prospect of it becoming the next Lost Bird sculpture. If you’d like to help keep the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow from becoming another Lost Bird follow the Give link.