The NSF-funded CREST program at Florida International University, the Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CAChE), is offering graduate student fellowship (Ph.D. track) to work in the Environmental Epigenetics Lab with Dr. Jose Eirin-Lopez within the Department of Biological Sciences.

The research focus of CREST-CAChE is to address the sources, transport, transformation and ecosystem responses to contaminants, pollutants and other natural stressors (including global climate change). The Environmental Epigenetics Lab contributes to this focus by applying state-of-the-art molecular, ecological and evolutionary approaches to study how global change affects marine organisms and the mechanisms modulating their responses at different levels. Detailed information is available on the Environmental Epigenetics lab page.

Candidates for this position should be enthusiastic, dynamic and independent students broadly interested in investigating the interface between epigenetics and environmental acclimatory responses in marine organisms. Students must have a B.S. degree (and ideally an M.S. degree) in Biology or related discipline (academic training in biology, statistics, genetics and evolution). Candidates must be proficient in English (both spoken and written) and have a basic SCUBA diving certification. Students with additional knowledge of computer science and/or bioinformatics are encouraged to apply.

The proposed Ph.D. project will be related to (but not limited to) the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in coral reef ecosystems from Puerto Rico, and the interaction between genomic and environmentally acquired modifications (epigenomic and microbiome) shaping acclimatory/adaptive responses to stress. This work has been recently funded by awards from the National Science Foundation.

Students accepted into the CREST-CAChE program will have opportunities to participate in different research areas, as well as internships and professional development activities. Full 12-month stipends are available. Students from groups traditionally underrepresented in science are especially encouraged to apply. US Citizenship or permanent residency is required.

Interested students must submit the following materials as a SINGLE PDF FILE and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (email:

1. Statement of Interest
2. GRE and GPA scores
3. Transcripts
4. CV