The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is recruiting for the position of Section Administrator for the Lake and River Ecosystems Section within the Applied Sciences Bureau.

Specific duties of the position include oversight of the development and implementation of multi-disciplinary scientific studies to evaluate response of a broad range of river-floodplain ecosystem components (including hydrology, geomorphology, water chemistry, vegetation, invertebrates, herptofauna, and fish and avian communities) to large-scale hydrologic and physical habitat restoration.  Lake Okeechobee scientific evaluations also employ an inter-disciplinary scientific team that conducts in-lake ecological monitoring and landscape-scale watershed modeling to evaluate response of biotic communities to water level regulation and includes studies on submerged aquatic vegetation community structure and distribution, plankton community dynamics, mapping of emergent aquatic vegetation, macroinvertebrate community structure and distribution, herpetofauna community dynamics, wading bird foraging and changes in nutrient-based inputs to Lake Okeechobee relative to land use fluctuations and BMAP reduction strategies.

For more information on this opportunity or to apply, visit SFWMD-Careers and search Job reference #2029BR