The School of Environment, Arts and Society and our partner organizations in Miami are co-leading an effort to engage the city in the 2018 City Nature Challenge to show the world the biodiversity of our land and water! Over 60 cities will be competing to see who can make the most observations of nature, find the most species, and engage the most people in this worldwide challenge.

Mark your calendar for April 27-30, 2018, when our city competes to upload to iNaturalist as many observations of plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms as possible.

Joining in is easy!

Step 1: Find wildlife.  It can be any plant, animal, fungi, slime mold, or any other evidence of life (scat, fur, tracks, shells, carcasses!) found in your participating city.

Step 2: Take a picture of what you find, be sure to note the location of the Critter or plant.

Step 3: Record your observations!

Don’t forget to download the iNaturalist application and upload your observation to City Nature Challenge 2018: Miami and to our very own FIU SEAS BBC survey as well.

Citizen science is key to secure the future of our local environmental resources and build a sustainable and resilient Miami. Join us in this effort by participating in this challenge and attending any of the events.