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The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) is offering a course on the Introduction to Transgender Studies-WST 3644-U01/LIT 4930-U03 beginning Fall 2018.

In recent years, the term transgender has taken on a multitude of meanings: a social identity, community, and a political movement. This course introduces students to the new and evolving field of transgender studies, learning about the field’s central concepts for rethinking the relationship between sex, gender, identity, and the body.

Select course topics include:

-Trans activism and political organizing
-Trans & medical care
-Global trans cultures
-Trans in literature and film
-Feminist and queer approaches to Trans

The course fulfills Multicultural, Theory, and Elective requirements for English majors.

This course is scheduled to meet on Mondays from 5 p.m.-7:40 p.m. and will be taught by Dr. Justin Grant. For more information on registration, lecture hours, and course topics visit the CWGS website.