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The Seawall Coalition is searching for a Florida Resilience Manager to join their team.

The Seawall Coalition is a nonpartisan group of 60+ elected officials, local leaders, military groups, and businesses that have come together to advocate for national solutions to sea level rise and flooding in our coastal and riverfront communities.

They aim to change the game with a singular focus on sea level rise and flooding, a creative approach to finding solutions, and deep analysis and partnerships that leverage existing efforts. They draw on their strength as communicators and practical problem solvers to reach and bring in those that other groups do not, building broad public support for built and nature-based solutions at the local and national level.

Job Description 

  • Building and representing the Seawall Coalition in Florida, including meeting with councilmembers, mayors, chambers of commerce, and others, and representing the coalition at council meetings and other events
  • Liaising with partners and other groups in the space in Florida to collaborate, and suggesting potential grants and sponsorships
  • Helping policymakers and coalition members, such as cities, understand how to plan for and adapt to sea level rise and build resilience, including guiding cities through initial steps (e.g., incorporating sea level rise into capital investment planning, conducting vulnerability assessments, communicating the residents, improving building codes)
  • Creating replicable tools and guidance to assist members in sea level rise and flooding adaptation (e.g., case studies, guides to improve CRS, examples of best practice local ordinances to adopt)
  • Identifying important Florida-specific issues for resilience and making recommendations for both state-level and national policy to address them


  • 2-5+ years of work experience in resilience, water or coastal policy, coastal engineering, or infrastructure
  • Experience in addressing and communicating around sea level rise, flooding, resilience, or similar topics and building capacity in others
  • A proven track record of building relationships and presenting in a compelling manner that creates trust
  • Ability to think, plan and execute on multiple projects simultaneously in an organized fashion

Please send resumes to Tanya Matos at