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Dr. Amy Kahrmann Huseby will be teaching two undergraduate British Literature courses in Spring 2019.

ENL 4254: Late Victorian Fiction: Suffragettes, Blue Stockings, and Inverts. The course will be focusing on The New Woman Novel, a genre that explored women’s rights issues, such as suffrage, property ownership, careers, and the desire to remain unmarried. The course will also explore this genre’s commentary on wide ranging issues, and will aim to answer questions such as: What characterized the New Woman genre? How did literature represent these proto-feminists?

ENL 4245 fulfills the 18/19 C. British and 20th/21st C. British period for English majors.

Classes will be held on Mondays, 2 – 4:45 PM (MMC)

ENL 4260: Alias Victorian: Multiples, Doppelgangers, Doubles and Twins. Nineteenth-century British literature is incessantly interested in the question of multiples, pairs, and doubles. What does it mean to be an individual if one is also part of a pair, multiples, or even larger groups? This course will explore nineteenth-century British authors and think about what human and textual pluralities represent — self and other, individua and nation, public and private. By thinking about the ways that human identity can be multiplied and divided, added and subtracted, you will learn about key historical developments in 19th C. England.

ENL 4260 fulfills 18/19 C. British for English majors.

Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-1:45 PM (BBC)

For more information, please contact the Department of English at 305-348-2874.