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Work as an Associate Researcher in an ARC-funded team reconstructing the evolution of the Earth’s mantle and volcanism over the past billion years at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences research expertise includes Geodynamics, Geology, Spatial Sciences and Earth Surface Processes.

Position Summary:

The purpose of this position is to participate in a research programme investigating the relationship between the past motion of tectonic plates, mantle convection, and volcanic products such as large igneous provinces and kimberlites. The role will involve coupling global tectonic reconstructions to global mantle flow models in order to link past mantle upwelling to volcanic activity and work in close collaboration with industry partner and with students and staff within the University of Wollongong and collaborating universities.


  • PhD in Geology/Geodynamics/Geophysics or a similar field.
  • Demonstrated expertise in one or more of: geodynamics, computational geoscience, plate tectonics,
    volcanology, statistics.
  • Strong track record of relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals, and conference presentations as sole author or in collaboration.
  • Strong computer background and computational programming experience (e.g. Python, C++ or other
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct research/scholarly activities both independently and as a member of a
  • Willingness and ability to supervise Honours or PhD students.
  • Ability to apply WHS and EEO principles in an academic environment.

How to Apply:

For further information about this position, please contact Dr Nicolas Flament. Applications submitted via email will not be considered. All applications must be submitted online via the UOW job portal. For further information on the application process, please contact