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With the spring semester quickly approaching, here are a few courses to keep in mind while enrolling.

Introduction to Global Gender and Women’s Studies – WST 3015 (RVC)

  • Topics include:
    • Sweatshop work
    • Misrepresentation of women in the media
    • Sexuality and LGBTQ rights
    • Reproductive rights
    • Women in politics

Gender Violence and the Law: Global Perspectives – WST 4115 & WST 5935 (RVC)

  • Topics include:
    • Online violence
    • Domestic violence
    • Wartime rape
    • National and international legal interventions

Feminist Theory – WST 4504 & WST 5507

  • Topics include:
    • Feminist conceptions of gender difference and injustices
    • Social world marked by pervasive gender injustices and oppression

These classes will be taught by Dr. Moura-Kocoglu.