Ada Monserrat visits European Organization for Nuclear Research

Ada Monseratt

Ada Monserrat, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, recently visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

With the help of the Department of Physics faculty, she obtained clearance to stay on property and view the CMS Detector at the world’s largest particle accelerator in existence, 17 miles in circumference and 574 feet underground, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. The site is where scientists collide particles close to the speed of light to examine the universe’s fundamental structure and the location where the Higgs-Boson and World Wide Web discovery took place.

A few members from CMS will be in Miami towards the end of this semester and have agreed to speak in her class and share their experience working at CERN. She is looking forward to sharing yet another amazing story with her students and FIU family.