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Dr. Laura Dinehart, Executive Director of the School of Education and Human Development, urges educators, parents, and students to stand up for the right to education in the Orlando Sentinel.


When millions of Americans stood up in opposition to a person who will lead our nation’s education system — citing lack of experience and that person’s long-standing efforts to dismantle public education — we spoke with one voice. We fought for public education and stood for for our children and our communities. Yet 50 senators voted in a way that made so many people believe that no one was listening.

Don’t feel helpless. The fight for our children and the future of education does not reside in Washington. It resides with the educators, school administrators, parents, students, local leaders and our communities that together, serve as advocates, champions and protectors of education in this country. As someone who lives, breathes and is a product of public education, here’s how I think we continue to fight for education. 

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