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President Trump named José Viana assistant deputy secretary of education and director of the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) on April 12, 2017. OELA awards federal grants to support the integration of non- or limited-English-speaking students into school systems around the country. OELA also supports professional development programs for teachers of English learners. Viana succeeds Libia Gil, who served starting in September 2013. José Alejandro Viana was born September 3, 1969, in Miami. His father, also named José, was a political prisoner under Fidel Castro for several years. The young José spoke Spanish at home, and thus started his schooling as an English language learner. He earned a B.A. in Elementary Education and Teaching at Florida International University in 1992, an M.A. in Computer Education at Barry University in Miami in 1994, and an M.A. in Educational Leadership and Administration at Florida Atlantic University in 2006.

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