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While FIU’s underwater research laboratory, Aquarius Reef Base, is the only operating underwater research laboratory in the world, living underwater is by no means a new idea. People have been living and working beneath the sea for over fifty years in over sixty different underwater habitats.

The History of Diving Museum in Islamorada has featured Aquarius Reef Base in their new exhibit called “Underwater Habitats: Man to Aquanaut and Beyond” which illustrates the history of underwater habitats and emphasizes that they are vital to underwater research and exploration. Not only does this exhibit portray how underwater habitats are being used today, but it also highlights what is to come for the future of man living beneath the sea.

This exhibit will be open from January through June of 2018. The timing of this exhibit coincides with Aquarius Reef Base’s 25th anniversary, which we will be celebrating throughout 2018. For more information on FIU’s Medina Aquarius Program and Aquarius Reef Base’s 25th anniversary celebration please visit the Aquarius website.