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In an empty lot near the corner of 23rd Street and North Miami Avenue in Wynwood there’s a giant statue of a man carrying a fish on his back. A few feet away there are smaller human-like sculptures arranged in a circle facing a pyramid, a sphere and a cube.

These concrete molds titled “The Fisherman” and “The Witness” were created by Oaxacan artist Alberto Aragon Reyes and traveled from Mexico to ignite conversations about how to deal with sea level rise.

The molds were created with concrete that was infused with a special additive donated by ECOncrete Tech. The sculptures will eventually be placed underwater to act as a barrier to protect sea grass from pollutants. FIU is collaborating with ECOncrete Tech, the Shoreline Foundation and the city of Miami Beach to monitor these sculptures once they are placed underwater.

Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center and ecologist, Tiffany Troxler, said “We’d like to focus on biological recruitment of different organisms on the concrete and what sorts of nutrients or potential contaminants are being taken up by the biological organisms,  so that we can assess whether that concrete could be having a more of a positive environmental outcome”.

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