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The 2018 Agroecology Symposium welcomed students, researchers, professors, farmers and community members to engage in conversations about sustainable agriculture. The symposium featured Agroecology students’ research and honored Professors Dr. Mahadev Bhat and Dr. Krishnaswamy Jayachandran– the recipients of this year’s Torch Bearer Award.

This annual event showcases the research of Agroecology students, whose work focuses on food, energy and natural resource management around the world. Agroecology, an FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS) program, embodies the spirit and purpose of SEAS: “Bridging science and humanities to build our common future.”

The program integrates science education, research, and outreach in the areas of agriculture and natural resources. Program students are offered the unique opportunity to study agriculture in the context of farming, local communities, and regional landscapes, through specialized undergraduate courses, field trips, summer internships, graduate fellowships, and training workshops. Students are exposed to innovative learning environments and are given access to agricultural agencies and research institutions, such as the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.

This year’s symposium was particularly noteworthy, with the Program Directors, Dr.s’ Bhat and Jayachandran, being awarded for their exceptional achievements in sustainable agriculture. The Torch Bearer Award, presented by the 2018 North American Peace Run of Chinmoy Mission, is a part of a global torch relay that celebrates humanity’s aspiration for peace, harmony and cooperation- the cornerstones of these professors’ work. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices resulted the conception of a program that, since 2005, has developed an innovative curriculum, an on-campus organic garden, an international student and internship outreach and a distinguished teaching and research faculty.

The Agroecology Program offers diverse opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. To learn more about their program, visit the Agroecology website