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Dr. Vicki Burns, an instructor for the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies was awarded the 2018 HERStory FIU Faculty and Staff Award. This is the third annual HERStory Awards ceremony where the Panhellenic Council has honored those in the Panhellenic and FIU community who have made an impact on campus. The FIU Faculty and Staff Award recognize a faculty or staff member who has been dedicated to empowering women at Florida International University.

Dr. Burns has been making headlines with her new course Understanding & Preventing Campus Sexual Assault.” In this course, as described by an article in the Miami Herald, Dr. Burns addressed “the unique risk factors specific to college students and rape on campus, how biases like sexism and racism with sexual violence, and the Title IX investigations.” The course even offered a unique twist, instead of a final exam or thesis paper, students were grouped together to create a sexual assault prevent plan for FIU. These plans were then presented to top college administration to see if any of their plans would be implemented on campus.

Dr. Burns was also was recognized for her role in the FIU Student Climate Survey. As described by PantherNow, “the FIU Student Climate Survey is the first of its kind at the University, where students are sent a questionnaire by email that will measure sexual violence for victimization and perpetration.” The survey is a study being conducted by the University of Kentucky and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Burns worked alongside Dr. Asia Eaton, an assistant professor in psychology, and the FIU Title IX committee to receive approval from administration to have the survey at FIU. Students received links to the survey throughout the month of April 2108.

Congratulations to Dr. Burns!