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Project SEED scholar, Michelle Melo, always knew she had a passion for forensic science since she was in the 11th grade. With help from her high school guidance counselor, Melo found out about the ACS Project SEED Program.

The ACS Project SEED Program helps economically and disadvantaged junior or senior high schools students to experience what it’s like to be a chemist during a summer internship.

At first, Melo was assigned to a biology-related lab here at FIU, only to realize she was wanted to do something with more of an emphasis on chemistry. That is when Melo found herself a new lab placement with the International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI), working with Dr. Jose Almirall. After working with then-graduate-student Shirly Montero, Melo was asked back to the lab as an employee for another summer.

Melo then continued to the University of Miami, where she doubled majored in chemistry and anthropology. She is currently completing her master’s in forensic science at the University of Florida. Melo credits a part of her success to her days in Project SEED while working under Dr. Almirall in IFRI.

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