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Over the last decade, the study of shark biology has benefited from the development, refinement, and rapid expansion of novel techniques and advances in technology. Shark Research: Emerging Technologies and Applications for the Field and Laboratory written by experts in shark biology and edited by our Dean Dr. Michael Heithaus alongside Dr. Jeffrey C. Carrier and Dr. Colin Simpfendorfer examines technologies, offers insights for future studies and provides appropriate uses of different techniques.

Key Features:

  • Single-source reference with in-depth coverage of laboratory techniques and field study of sharks, skates and rays
  • Different chapters focus on broad range of methods including imaging technologies, underwater video and genomics
  • Unique section on citizen science and application to studies of shark biology

Some of the chapter authors include Marine Scientist and School of Environment, Arts and Society’s Assistant Professor Yannis Papastamatiou and Research Assistant Professor Jeremy Kiszka.

The book is available through the CRC Press here.