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The Center for Coastal Oceans Research (CCOR) and Aquarius Reef Base were featured in a new podcast, “Flash Forward” which discusses the possible (and not so possible) future.

The podcast episode titled “Under the Sea” starts with a “field trip” to the future (2059) where humans have the ability to live underwater. After a quick scenario, the viewer is teleported back to today where the host, Rose, talks to experts about how the world we heard might actually be the future.

Jim Fourqurean, professor of Marine Science and CCOR Director, and Roger Garcia, Operations Director for Aquarius, chimed in to discuss the world’s only underwater research lab, what it’s like to be in the habitat and how much it costs to run Aquarius for the day. Amongst other questions asked in the episode include “Why do space colonies seem more likely than underwater cities?” and “What does it take to build a settlement on the sea floor?”

Take a listen to the Flash Forward podcast.