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Dr. Vicki Burns was a panel member at FIU National Organization for Women’s (NOW) Red Zone event, which was co-sponsored by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS).

The “Red Zone” is the time period when incoming college students are the most vulnerable to sexual assault, which is typically during the first six weeks of the semester. Dr. Burns explained that when dealing with sexual assault issues, students can often feel powerless within large institutions. However, as the eye-opening documentary The Hunting Ground demonstrates, there is power in numbers when students support each other.

Dr. Burns also spoke about the various academic programs offered at the CWGS, which include her Campus Sexual Assault course. She emphasized how important it is to make space for students in an academic setting to think about and create real institutional change. Dr. Burns explained that the CWGS is unique because its classes ask students to consider systems and structures that incentivize and support inequality and oppression.

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