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Angari Foundation marked their first expedition with FIU researchers towards their research on sharks. The scientists included Laura Garcia from the Predator Ecology and Conservation Lab, Kirk Gastrich from the Marine Community and Behavioral Ecology Lab and Global FinPrint, and Gina Clementi from the Predator Ecology and Conservation lab and Global FinPrint.

The team led 15 marine science students and their teachers from Forest Glen Middle School on a shark research expedition off of Palm Beach. During the day, the students participated in all aspects of the research from setting up and deploying baited remote underwater video (BRUV) equipment and drum lines to hand reeling in, measuring, and tagging sharks.

Two great hammerhead sharks were caught and released. Throughout the day, the scientists shared their shark knowledge and research experiences, leaving the students with a new appreciation for field biology, shark conservation work, and firsthand science-at-sea experiences of their own.

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