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Partnered with FIU’s Global Indigenous Forum, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies co-sponsored U.N. Indigenous Ecuadorian Representative Lourdes Tibán’s lecture! Breaking through traditionalist expectations of women, focusing on the importance of discussing ecology between territories and the government, and persisting to preserve culture, Tibán opened the intersectional eyes for all those who attended.

From very humble beginnings in a rural indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Andes, Lourdes Tibán Guala managed to obtain a Doctorate in Law, and a master’s degree in social sciences. She eventually became an Assemblywoman in Ecuador’s National Parliament as well as a Member of the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues (UNPFII). She represents Latin America and the Caribbean at the UN, while continuing her active participation in the Ecuadorian National Indigenous Confederation and Ecuadorian politics. She is the author of several books in Spanish, including “Ecuadorian Indigenous Peoples’ Collective Rights: Applicability, Progress and Limitations,” (2001) and “Intercultural-Pluricultural State and Collectives Rights in Ecuador (2010),” She is currently running for mayor of the City of Salcedo, the town where she was born.

The importance of education was highlighted throughout Tibán’s lecture as she finds it pivotal. For her, it’s the foundation of moving future generations. Additionally, the representation of indigenous people’s voice was something she deeply resonated with as it’s applicable from our sunny Florida, across our national borders, and across the seas.

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