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The fifth TAURUS Scholar Spotlight of the summer focuses on Analis Lawrence, a graduate of FIU with a bachelor’s in Physics, and minors in Mathematics and Astronomy. She participated in The University of Texas at Austin’s TAURUS Summer Research Program this past summer. She will be attending the University of Florida as a graduate student in the Physics Department starting in the 2018 fall semester. Analis hopes to become a professor.

Her main areas of interest are in space-time, black holes and cosmology, and she looks forward to exploring theoretical astrophysics while in graduate school. She credits her particle physics and astrophysics professors at FIU as her most influential mentors, in particular, Dr. Werner Boeglin, as well as Dr. James Webb, whose astronomy lectures and star parties first piqued her interest in the field.

Recently, Analis was highlighted on the Astronomy in Color blog while working with Professor Brendan Bowler on the galactic kinematics of exoplanet host stars using Gaia as part of the TAURUS research program at The University of Texas at Austin in Astronomy. Dr. Bowler sat down with Analis in late August for this interview.