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Assistant Professor Victoria Burns, who teaches women and gender studies, showed Thursday’s heated Senate Judiciary hearings to her classroom.

“Almost everyone knew what was going on and wanted to watch it,” said Burns. “I checked to see if they were really watching or were on their phones, and they were all really engaged.”

Burns and her 100 students, about 60 of whom are women, spent the morning class alternatively watching the testimony and discussing it. Most, she said, felt deep sympathy for Ford and talked about how they were inspired by her bravery.

The only argument that broke out was over Ford’s decision to come forward now, instead of earlier, Burns said. Some students said the battle would have been less partisan if she had reported it in real time, but others countered that she’d never have been believed back then.

“It really stuck out to me how passionate they were about this,” Burns said. “I was moved by that.”

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