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José R. Almirall is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Florida International University and director of the NSF-funded Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science (CARFS). He was a practicing forensic scientist for 12 years in Miami where he testified in over 100 criminal cases prior to his academic appointment at FIU in 1998.

Professor Almirall has mentored more than 50 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in forensic chemistry research over the last two decades. His research group has received three patents based on air sampling devices designed to detect drugs and explosives in air, and he leads a scientific committee sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that aims to improve the standardization of forensic chemistry methods.

Across a wide range of disciplines, Hispanic scientists and engineers are at the forefront of U.S. research. In recognition of their efforts, and Hispanic Heritage Month, NSF profiles leaders in their fields.

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