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The Tropical Conservation Institute (TCI) has partnered with the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (RSCF) in an effort to save the world’s most critically endangered wildlife.

Founding Director of RSCF and Director of TCI Dr. Paul Reillo and his staff of 10 work tirelessly to save some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

Reillo and Dean Heithaus serve as co-directors of TCI, which is based on FIU’s campus in Miami, but also will utilize 5 acres of property adjacent to the RSCF 30-acre property in Loxahatchee.

The new property, purchased last month, includes a large main structure, outbuilding and barn, and will house students and researchers from all over the world.

Once renovations are complete, the property will offer training and support for field biologists, wildlife veterinarians and others, and also will provide space for wildlife recovery projects and medicine.

According to Reillo, the campus will serve as the meeting center for TCI.

One of TCI’s biggest programs includes the conservation and recovery of the Florida grasshopper sparrow, a small, ground-nesting songbird native to South and Central Florida.

TCI also does extensive fieldwork with West African crocodilians, pangolins, lemurs, global reef sharks, marine mammals and freshwater turtles, while research associates work with elephants, bats and other species.

“We’re trying to figure out how to save biodiversity globally,” Reillo said. “If you look at the species that we have – the primates that we have, the parrots, the antelope that we’re working with here in captivity – those are flagship species that are critically endangered that represent the most important biodiversity areas on earth. If you save them, and you save their habitat, you save an immense diversity of wildlife in high-priority areas.”

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