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Nova Southeastern University hosted a Celebration of Campus Children’s Centers (N4C) at The Mailman Segal Center for Human Development (MSC).

N4C is a nonprofit educational membership organization supporting excellence in programs for young children in communities of higher learning by providing opportunities for leadership, professional development, research, networking, and advocacy. The focus of the week long festivity was ‘Sharks’.

MSC invited guest presenters to ignite children’s curiosity with shark-related information and activities. Shark expert Dr. Mike Heithaus, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences gave a first-hand account of how sharks are studied by scientists.

Teachers introduced ‘Thinking Routines’ to help children explore, make connections, and investigate their thoughts on sharks. Children identified questions or wonderings which included: How do sharks’ fins feel? If you feed a shark with fish, would the shark like you? Would a shark bite you if you touched its head?

Children also drew ‘Thinking Webs’ to organize their ideas and knowledge about sharks, as well as create a ‘Venn Diagram’ to compare and contrast humans and sharks. Other presenters and scientists introduced various shark species and helped children identify where those species live all over the world.

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