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Master of Science in Special Education student Natasha Quesada’s passion stands out while her skills help her make a difference in the lives of some truly special students.

“They need love and respect, and we can’t just define students on behavior – there’s so much to it,” Quesada explained as she spoke about one of her students who just finished first grade.

“I had her for two years since kindergarten,” said Quesada. “She’s finally at the point where she can go into the general education classes. For her to be able to function in a general education class means that we reached a significant goal. The biggest gift to me has been watching her abilities emerge.”

After four years of teaching EBD classes, it’s successes like this that keep Quesada going. She hopes to have many more victories with other students. She is excited to apply the methods she’s learning from herĀ master’s program in Special Education, which also leads to an autism endorsement.

Expert faculty in the program are continuously exploring new methods through real, ongoing studies within the Miami Dade County Public School system. These studies are focused on all types of individuals and families from all backgrounds and feature the use of technology and research. These distinct highlights are crucial to Quesada who is seeking relevant knowledge that translates seamlessly to her own classroom.

The fully online Master of Science in Special Education program provides special education teachers with advanced training to reach the children who need you the most. The Special Education degree leads to a Florida Autism Endorsement providing students with the skills to teach learners on the autism spectrum. The graduate program also places special emphasis on classroom-based research and on preparing special education teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse learners and their families.

This program is also offered in person.

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