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The 2018-2019 Academic Year welcomed our inaugural group of Faculty Fellows. The Faculty Fellows program was created in order to promote and enhance the relationship between College leadership, faculty and departments.  The initial cohort includes three faculty members, each of which will focus on a specific area strategic to the success of the College. Each fellow has been assigned a dean as a mentor to work on a set of goals.  It is the college’s goal to annually seek out new fellows depending on the success of this initial cohort.

Caroline Simpson, Department of Physics
Mentor: Dean Michael Heithaus, Vice Dean Bill Anderson
Focus Area: Faculty diversity; AWED liaison

Dr. Simpson will serve as the diversity advocate for the College, working together with the Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity and the Departments. In her role, she will work with departments in identifying diversity advocates and ensuring diversity goals are met through best practices within the hiring process.


Flavia Iuspa, Department of Teaching and Learning
Mentor: Senior Associate Dean, Laura Dinehart
Focus Area: International educational partnerships

Dr. Iuspa will focus on educational opportunities on an international scale. Guided by the University’s Strategic Plan, she will research possible avenues for collaboration with international partners in strategic areas relating to the College and develop a suggested action plan for these efforts.


Uma Swamy, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mentor: Associate Dean, Maricel Cigales
Focus Area: Curriculum review liaison; active learning opportunities

Dr. Swamy will serve as the curriculum review liaison between the Dean’s office, College Curriculum Committee, and Departments. Along with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, she will play an active role in assisting departments in the review of their curriculum and applying best practices in efforts to improve student success.


The Faculty Fellows program is a part of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan, launched to support FIU’s efforts to advance the representation of women and underrepresented minorities across disciplines.