Nonlinear Phenomena in Stockholm: Kinetic Meets Dispersive

Stockholm, Sweden

This International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Partial Differential Equations focuses on the mathematical description of interactions between many constituent particles. Very often, even when the interactions between the particles are well-defined, the governing mathematical equations are not well understood and as a consequence, the collective behavior of the system remains a mystery. Examples of collective behavior are abundant in nature and can be seen on different scales: from atoms to galaxies.

Partial differential equations have historically played a major role in the modeling, analysis and computation of the above behavior. For example, wave, or dispersive equations model wave phenomena, including formation of freak waves or tsunamis in the ocean. Kinetic equations describe the dynamics of a dilute gas, plasma, micro and macro systems.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together United States and European mathematicians to study the above problems and exchange methods and approaches, as well as establish a good intercontinental networking in the field which will contribute to a growing number of interdisciplinary collaborations.

The conference is geared towards bringing diversity faculty and students from the U.S., in particular, two-thirds of the conference are female speakers – a very rare occurrence in STEM disciplines. This conference is supporting the U.S. researchers through an NSF grant administered by FIU, specifically, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The conference is bringing together young faculty and postdocs from Colorado, Chicago, Austin and Miami (FIU). In particular, two Ph.D. students and one postdoc from FIU will be giving presentations. Two of the main organizers of the conference are female mathematicians, Dr. Svetlana Roudenko (FIU, Department of Mathematics and Statistics) and Dr. Maria Gualdani (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).