From scientist to best election supervisor in Miami

Christina White
Photo courtesy Miami Herald

After seven pressure-packed days, the Miami-Dade county’s recount of three very close elections was complete, all thanks to Elections Supervisor Christina White.

With less than 48 hours after the polls closed on Friday, White had a feeling a statewide recount would be ordered so she told the canvassing board to start reprocessing the ballots. When Tallahassee officially declared a recount on Saturday, Miami-Dade was halfway done with their recount.

Becoming an election supervisor was nowhere near what White had planned for her future. Having graduated from FIU with an environmental science degree, she’d always thought she’d be a scientist.

White told the Miami Herald, “I was recruited to work in the county’s environmental resources management department as a public information officer and wound up moving to elections.”

Now, overseeing the largest elections operation in Florida and seventh-largest in the nation, White is handling the role just fine.

This article first appeared in Miami Herald on November 17, 2018.