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FIU was well-represented at the 2018 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Twelve undergraduates including members of the MARC U*STAR, QBIC, Honors College, and Provost Research Scholars Programs attend the conference.

ABRCMS is one of the largest, professional conferences for underrepresented minority students, military veterans, and persons with disabilities to pursue advanced training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

More than 650 representatives from graduate programs at US colleges and universities as well as scientists from government agencies, foundations, and professional scientific societies attend ABRCMS to share information about graduate school and summer internship opportunities. These representatives present research opportunities, funding sources, and professional networks.

During the four-day conference, over 2,000 students participate in poster and oral presentations in twelve disciplines in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, including physics, engineering and mathematics.

We had eight poster presentations by the following students: Camila Sarcone (MARC Affiliate, Provost Research Scholar, Honors College and QBIC),  Jovany Betancourt (MARC Affiliate, Provost Research Scholar and QBIC), Jonathan Munoz (QBIC and Honors College), Patricia Otero (Honors College), Maria Santiago (MARC U*STAR), Chazman Childers (Honors College), Sakeli Kennedy (QBIC and Honors College), Jesenia Perez (MARC U*STAR), Sarah Colon (MARC U*STAR and Honors College), Erika Lozano (MARC U*STAR),  Matthew Pasteris (MARC U*STAR and Honors College) and, Alexandra Tchir (MARC U*STAR, QBIC and Honors College).

Camila Sarcone and Patricia Otero both won for ‘Outstanding Scientific Poster Presentation’!

Congratulations to all the participants and winners for your dedication and hard work!