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Earlier this month, Rachael Orberta and Gabriela Diaz, undergraduate tutors within the Center for Excellence in Writing, along with Glenn Hutchinson, Charles Donate and Xuan Jiang (Panel Chair) presented and guided discussions for the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) 2018, at South Padre Island, TX.

NCPTW promotes the teaching of writing through collaborative learning. The NCPTW offers peer tutors the opportunity to contribute in professional and scholarly ways to the larger writing center community and is dedicated to providing forums for tutors to share and present research at national and international conferences.

The panelists chose the title Beyond Borders: Conversations about Writing and discussed efforts for a more global and multilingual perspective in our writing center, by communicating with writing centers in other countries, learning about other languages, and embedding multilingual writing assistants in writing-intensive history courses to facilitate group discussions.

Both Orbeta and Diaz won NCPTW Trustees Award, based on their significant contribution to writing center pedagogy and theory.

Congratulations Rachael and Gabriela!

Xuan Jiang contributed to this article.