CSI Camp recognized for their contributions to forensics

Students solving a crime in the CSI Camp

Our CSI Camp program was recognized in Forensics Colleges’ post “Body Farms and Other Novel Tools of Forensic Education” for their ability to engage in a hands-on, fun experience led by forensic scientist and CSI experts.

This camp is intended for advanced middle school to college students who want to know more about forensic science. In addition to lectures, campers go on field trips to different locations, including labs and companies near the campus.

At the camp, faculty members and forensic experts from the International Forensic Research Institute and the National Forensic Science Technology Center present information about crime scene investigation, fingerprint identification, forensic entomology and courtroom procedure.

Many of the camp’s faculty also bring extensive experience from some of the most well-known organizations in the industry, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Miami-Dade Police Department and the California Department of Justice’s DNA Laboratory.

For more information on the Forensic Science/CSI Camp, visit the website here.