Ileana Ros-Lehtinen finishes a 29-year run in Congress

Photo courtesy Miami Herald

Education alumna, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, finishes out her final weeks in office as Miami’s longest-tenured congresswoman with much she wishes to accomplish.

The first Latina in Congress’ bill that would limit U.S. loans to the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega until he carries out democratic reforms passed the U.S. Senate, though it still needs final passage in the House of Representatives and President Donald Trump’s signature. Another bill named in her honor has an unsettled fate in the final weeks of this year’s Congress.

Ros-Lehtinen may be leaving office; however, her anti-communist worldview remains as it lives on through dozen of former staffers and associates who occupy positions of power in government. The impact of her outsized influence of foreign policy and Latin American affairs will continue long after she leaves elected office.

So what’s next for Ros-Lehtinen?

She plans to work in a variety of undefined consulting roles on LGBT issues and Israel in retirement, but her first oder of business will be to teach a class at the University of Miami with her husband next semester.

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