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Bachelor’s Degree Center (BDC) recently ranked the top 25 best early childhood education bachelor’s programs in the nation, and FIU scored at number 16! 

To rank this specialized program, BDC editors did a thorough search of all the CAEP and NCATE accredited education schools in the nation. That initial pool, with more than 500 schools, was then narrowed to those offering early childhood education specializations. Programs were then ranked according to 5 factors:

  • Cost (IPEDs data)
  • Employment Rate (IPEDs data)
  • Graduation Rate (IPEDs data)
  • Reputation (Niche student reviews)
  • Salary Expectation (College Scorecard)

With these comprehensive set of standards, FIU’s BS in Early Childhood Education was sure to stand out and represent one of the very best in the US. 

BDC ranked FIU for the way they prepare students for careers in child development, childcare, and early education for children from birth to age five. FIU also offers courses that include assessing techniques, classroom management, children with special needs, cultural diversity, family engagement, and literacy development.

They also stated that those who graduate from FIU’s early childhood education degree program have career outcomes including employment as childcare center directors, in preschools, and in the family services sector.

Congratulations to all those involved in creating FIU’s BS in Early Education Program one of the best in the nation!

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