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There was a rare mermaid sighting at the Boca Beach Club. 

Photo courtesy of Rick Don 

This sighting was nothing less than magical. The Make-A-Wish-Foundation flew in five-year-old Ta’liyah Baldwin and her parents from Memphis, Tennessee to grant a special wish. 

Baldwin, who is battling brain cancer dressed in her own mermaid tail while joining two other mermaids for a day of swimming. 

Amongst the mermaids who joined Baldwin was Catherine Guinovart who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sustainability and the environment. 

Guinovart works as a professional mermaid for Blue Mermaid Designs. The company performs at many different charity events throughout Florida. 

“The most rewarding thing I have done with Blue Mermaid Designs has definitely been to work with Make-A-Wish. Being able to give my time to create a fun day for children who are going through so much is a very special experience.” 

Catherine Guinovart

When she is not a mermaid, you can find her as the Center for Coastal Oceans Research administrative coordinator. Prior to this position, Guinovart was the student outreach and education coordinator for FIU’s Medina Aquarius Program for four years.

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