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In a memorandum sent out by Dean Michael R. Heithaus to CASE faculty and staff, he announces the restructuring of the Department of Leadership and Professional Studies.

In the fall of 2018, the faculty in the Department of Leadership and Professional Studies, within the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) requested a restructuring of the department in the interest of academic coherence, accreditation efficiency and personnel processes. The faculty voted to restructure the unit into two departments: (1) the Department of Educational Policy Studies (EPS), and (2) the Department or Counseling, Recreation, and School Psychology (CRSP).

The EPS department focuses primarily on educational policy and administration and includes the following programs: adult education and human resource development (AEHRD), educational leadership (EL), higher education (HE), international and intercultural education (IIE), and urban education (UE). CRSP focuses on fields of educational psychology and recreation and sport management. It includes the following programs: counselor education (CE), school psychology (SP), recreation and sport management (RSM), and the faculty associated with two services areas: educational psychology (EP) and research and measurement (RM).

The proposed restructuring was submitted to CASE faculty assembly in the fall of 2018 and approved by the faculty in CASE. Dr. Benjamin Baez will serve as the interim chair of the EPS department and Dr. Adriana McEachern will serve as the interim chair of CRSP.