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Are you a first year student in the writing and rhetoric program and feel like you are struggling? Fear not because there is help available. The Department of English staff member, Cayce Wicks is available to you as a first year success coordinator.

This position was initially created to follow up with the university’s early alert system (now known as Panther Success Network Progress Reports) for first year students in this program. Lately, this position has opened up to include more mentoring of students in the English department on a one-on-one basis. As a first year success coordinator, Wicks assists students by educating them of appropriate university resources available to them while working on faculty development to support student success.

Wicks is alerted by Panther Success Network Progress Reports whenever a first year writing student in the English department is not doing well in his/her courses. She then speaks with the student’s professor(s) and advisor before speaking with the student concerning these particular courses. This is when she informs the student of all the services available at the school as well as finding out what roadblocks the student feels is prohibiting him/her from being more successful in these classes.

“I have learned that many of the obstacles that our students face occur outside of the classroom. I have worked with homeless/transient students, students who face food insecurity and students who are the primary caregiver for family members. Many students work through unimaginable obstacles to study here and pursue their dreams.”

Cayce Wicks

According to Wicks, her position is meant to close the loop between between instructor, advisor and student. Her new role has increased interest and resources focused on helping students persist.

“I am proud to be part of an organization that puts so much emphasis on nurturing students’ live. Student success is really a team effort, and it’s great to see our faculty and staff come together to support [student] success.”

Cayce Wicks

In addition to her role of first year student success coordinator, Wicks is also an instructor in the English department. She generally teaches the first-year writing courses such as ENC 1930 (Essay Writing), ENC 1101 (Writing and Rhetoric I) and ENC 1102 (Writing and Rhetoric II).

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