Dr. Burt recognized by Association for Specialists in Group Work

Dr. Isaac Burt, associate professor within the Department of Counseling, Recreation, and School Psychology, was the recipient of the Association for Specialists in Group Work’s (ASGW) 2018 research article of the year award.

The ASGW presented Dr. Burt with the award at the annual American Counseling Association (ACA) conference on March 28, 2019. The article titled, “Leadership-driven anger management groups: Do they really work,” published in the Journal for Specialists in Group Work, investigated a current trend in anger-management groups labeled as leadership development. The goal of the investigation was to determine if leadership is a critical factor in working with angry youth. A total of 52 middle school-aged adolescents from two schools served as participants. Findings from his study indicated that adolescents who participated in a leadership development group had a significant reduction in overall anger.

Dr. Andy Pham contributed to this article.