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Did you know we put in more hours at our jobs than several other industrialized countries? The latest edition of the OECD Employment Outlook cites the average U.S. worker puts in 1,780 hours per year.

To determine which U.S. cities represent the strongest work ethic, WalletHub – a personal finance website – compares the 116 largest cities across ten key metrics. Along with the use of key metrics, it enlisted a panel of researchers to get further thoughts on this matter.

WalletHub recently featured the Department of Psychology’s Associate Professor Valentina Bruk-Lee as an expert contributor on the American workforce.

Dr. Bruk-Lee shares with readers her knowledge in industrial and organizational psychology along with insight into the Americans’ work ethic.

While some may argue the ideal numbers of hours to work per week is simple to deduce, “The answer is highly dependent on the type of job, the functions required by it and the environmental conditions of the work,” says Dr. Bruk-Lee. “The scientific evidence that exists on long work hours and critical outcomes has not always assessed the increased risk associated with different number of work hours, particularly when focused on organizational behavior.”

For more on what Dr. Bruk-Lee had to say on the matter, see the WalletHub article.