Students awarded Dr. E. George Simms Scholarship

The Dr. E. George Simms Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Simms’ years of service to FIU and dedication to undergraduate student research. Recently, at the annual National TRIO Day Celebration, the Dr. E. George Simms Scholarship was presented to Kaytlin Alzugaray and Parsa Nilchian.

Kaytlin Mcnair scholar

Kaytlin Alzugaray is a third year FIU Honors College student in the biological sciences program. She dreams of becoming a scientist as she hopes to better understand molecular structures of genetic diseases to ultimately help cure them. Alzugaray already has three years of research experience as a laboratory aide at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, as an ovarian cancer researcher at the University of Miami and now as a research assistant at FIU.

“My passion to help others has evolved and become an integral part of the educated and motivated Hispanic woman I am today. I am continuously reminded of my willpower, love for life-long learning and education to helping others through science,” Alzugaray said.

Parsa McNair Scholar

Parsa Nilchian is a second year FIU Honors College student in the biochemistry program. Nilchian works to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying mental illnesses. He wishes to pursue a PhD in neuroscience. In addition to research, Parsa is involved in various student leadership initiatives. He just found out that he will be going to MIT this summer to advance his knowledge in the field of neuroscience.

“I believe that a society’s investment in science determines its long term development and prosperity of its people. The more questions we, as a country, can answer about the world around us, the higher our potential towards progress and peace will be. With pursuing a career in science I hope to contribute to finding solutions to challenges that our society faces,” said Nilchian.

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