Renewing the push for equality

Cover of Monitor on Psychology April Issue
Photo Courtesy American Psychological Association

The Women in the Workplace 2018 survey found that even though men and women enter the workforce in similar numbers, men get promoted at a faster rate than women. At the senior management level, men outnumber women 2-to-1 and the outlook is even worse for women of color.

The 2017 “Changing Gender Composition of Psychology” report from the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Committee on Women in Psychology found that even though women dominate the psychology field, they lack equity with their male colleagues when it comes to power, status and money.

Dr. Asia Eaton, assistant professor of psychology, says men need encouragement to become stronger allies for women’s advancement.

“Women grow fatigued and often don’t have the status or power to effect lasting change at all of the relevant levels,” Eaton says. “At the top of our field, men are represented disproportionately, and we need men at the top and laterally to be advocates for all women, including and especially women from marginalized backgrounds.”

This article first appeared in the Monitor on Psychology in April 2019.