Professors discuss water issues at UNESCO conference

Written by: Ashley Garcia

Dr. Donoso speaking at UNESCO conference

Located at the epicenter of sea level rise impact, FIU is intimately aware of the importance of water security and sustainability both close to home and around the world.

In the Institute of Water and Environment, researchers are working to develop solutions to universal water crisis. A critical part of this work, the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security – a partnership with FIU and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – brings together research and education to address regional, national and global water security issues.

Through innovative interdisciplinary research and partnerships for sustainability. FIU supports UNESCO’s mission to build of a culture of peace, eradicate poverty, foster sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. The organization recently held the UNESCO International Water Conference in Paris, France where researchers and policymakers worked together to develop innovative solutions to water safety, access and management challenges.

While at the conference, the UNESCO Chair met with board members and international partners. Dr. Maria Donoso, program director and chairholder, and Dr. Rita Teutonico, interim and vice-chair, presented the important work conducted in connection with the partnership.

The goal, according to Donoso, is to “Translate FIU’s strengths in research and education to real, down to earth support for the communities and countries that need sustainable water the most.”

Donoso, who has just completed her role as interim director of UNESCO’s Division of Water Sciences, led the conference’s opening ceremony panel. The panel focused on a new global vision for water ethics and featured Teutonico along with ministers from Ecuador and Portugal.

The partnership leverages InWE’s focus on advancing the science and technology needed to address complex water and environmental issues locally, nationally and globally. A preeminent program, InWE aims to make water accessible and available to everyone on the planet and drives research to protect and conserve the world’s most vulnerable and invaluable natural resources.