3 tips to beat stress

Written by: Brandon Isahack

Dr. Bruk-Lee

Negative emotions experienced by workers are, in part, a reflection of the physical and psychosocial conditions of their job. Experiencing conflict with others is a leading source of stress for individuals and can manifest in feelings of anxiety, depression and frustration as they prepare to start a new work week or throughout the workday.

Industrial-organizational psychologist, Dr. Valentina Bruk-Lee shared with Inverse on how to handle stress in the workplace.

“When dealing with these stressors, considering the resources available can help us manage the situation. Resources can be unique to the individual, like conflict management skills or coping mechanisms, or can stem from the job or workplace itself. When our resources don’t match the stressful conditions faced at work, a stress process is initiated that can include these negative emotional reactions,” said Bruk-Lee.

Manage stressful work-related emotions by engaging in:

  1. Activities that foster strong positive relationship building.
  2. Mindfulness meditation or other forms of relaxation techniques.
  3. Challenging off-job experiences that provide opportunities for learning and success.

This article first appeared in Inverse on June 2, 2019.