City of Doral Park grand opening

FIU Education Outreach team showing kids sea urchins at doral park.

When it comes to sharing the excitement of wildlife and wild places—FIU CASE is there to engage and inspire. With partners like the City of Doral, accessible messages of environmental stewardship are truly magnified when we join forces to engage the community.

Earlier this August, FIU CASE joined the City of Doral for the opening of Doral Glades Park – the city’s first environmental park. At 23 acres in size, it features outdoor activities such as kayaking, volleyball courts and a boardwalk to get up close with local flora and fauna. The environmental center showcases the natural history of Miami-Dade County.

FIU CASE brought hands-on activities that emphasize the roles it plays in local conservation efforts. With a unique animal encounter focusing on invertebrates from the Biscayne Bay Campus (like sea urchins, horse conchs, and snails) and a fishing game which explores the pertinence of wildlife tracking, event attendees saw firsthand how researchers are using their studies to not only better understand local ecosystems, but to help the different species living in them survive and ultimately thrive.

To learn more about what FIU CASE is doing to engage the community, please visit the website.