Intern at Positive Behavior Supports Corporation

Child playing with legos.

Positive Behavior Support Corp. is an agency committed to improve not only behavior, but also the quality of life for individuals, their families and others who support them. Student interns would assist in conducting curricular assessments, developing initial behavior intervention plans, updating behavior intervention plans, documenting session progress notes and developing data collection procedures.


  • Miami Dade – 10300 SW 72nd St., Suite 114, Miami, FL 33173
  • Broward – 1000 NW 65th St., Suite 201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

For more information please visit the agency’s website or contact Nina Malagic via email at or call 855-832-6727 ext. 1230.

In order to apply for this internship, students must be enrolled in PSY4941: Experiential Learning/Internship in Psychology (0-9). Eligible students will have completed EAB 3002 with at least a C grade. Please note that agencies may have additional requirements. Placements are limited and competitive.

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