NFSTC helps indicate misleading drug tests

Red bull energy drinks

A recent controversial tweet from a health worker showed how energy drinks, like Red Bull and Bang, tested positive for drugs. This created a viral conversation on whether the claim was misleading or not, and also showed the flaws that some tests can have.

When there is a questionable substance at the scene, law enforcements typically use a substance test called colorimetric testing to indicate the possible presence or absence of the substance.

Snopes shared a helpful video guide produced by FIU’s National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) showing an example of the use of a colorimetric drug field test. During the video, chemistry research project manager at NFSTC@FIU, Kirk Gates goes step-by-step on the process.

Essentially, these kits will help law enforcements make plausible decisions on making an arrest before going into confirmatory tests results in the laboratories.

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